Training on simulators

USM simulators are high-quality and professional training equipment that is indispensable both during and outside the competition period.
We have three types of simulators:
1. Kayak rowing machine with pull-out mobile unit
A mobile seat element simulator to imitate and improve the kayaking technique,
designed for the development of kayaking techniques and the level of training of athletes for testing.
While exercising on the trainer, the athlete moves himself back and forth on the base frame, sitting
on a sliding seat (a seat analogous to a smooth single-seater kayak device still running)
which is attached to an 8-wheel mobile unit
2. Pair kayak rowing machine
Movable seat simulator for simulating rowing techniques with a pair of kayaks and to improve.
The machine is designed to develop and improve rowing technology rowing teams,
rowing pairs to practice smooth movement and getting to know each other,
but also for the professional physical training and level of training of athletes for testing
in kayak rowing. When exercising on a trainer, the athlete moves back and forth on the base frame,
sitting on a sliding seat (a seat analogous to a smooth still kayak seat), which is attached
to the 10-wheel moving block and using the same movements as the smooth one yet
rowing with a flying kayak
3. Pull-out exercise machine (injection)

The trainer allows the athlete to feel the transmission of power from the oar to the boat.

Special development of force training. Kit contents: height-adjustable base frame (length 3 m),

moving element “injection”, hand protection “injection”, return rubber.


1 hour 5 euros

Staff training with a coach 20 euros / hour

Monthly subscription 35 euros

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