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We rent high-quality composite kayaks WorldofKayaks. These boats are ideal for use in the open sea, on rivers or lakes. Designed for tourism, training or racing in marathons.

WK 640 Sport is a fast double kayak – training and racing kayak version of WK 640 Expedition.
Double kayak with excellent speed characteristics. There is no big middle compartment, which made it possible to move the cockpits closer to each other to provide better stability. Compared to WK 640 there is also more space for legs in both cockpits.
Good choice for a paddler, who is looking for a fast double kayak to train and race in marathons.
Length: 640 cm
Width: 66 cm
Internal cockpit: 76×40 cm
Fiberglass: 38-39 kg
Front: 24 cm round hatch
Front: 15 cm round hatch
Mid: 15 cm round hatch
Rear: 44×26 cm oval hatch

WK 540 is an easy-going expedition kayak with good volume.
The width of 59 cm may seem a bit more than the usual width of composite sea kayaks, but it guarantees you excellent stability. Long waterline and fast bottom shape, on the other hand, compensate the loss in speed – with this boat you can leave the concern for keeping up with the speed of fellow paddlers to the others. Roomy front deck leaves enough space for knees and legs, so that even the larger-sized paddlers can feel themselves comfortable. The seat, adjustable backrest, knee braces and rudder system are all well-working and easy to handle.
Perfect for medium and larger-sized paddler, who is looking for a roomy and fast touring kayak.
Length: 540 cm
Width: 59 cm
Internal cockpit: 80×43 cm
Fiberglass: 24-25 kg
Front: 20 cm round hatch
Rear: 44×26 cm oval hatch
Rear: 20 cm round hatch