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16. Võhandu maraton

April 17th 2021


April 10th 2021


In recent years, an increasing number of people devote their free time to active leisure. One of the most popular trends is water activities. Boating on the rivers and lakes, fishing on kayaks. For this kind of recreation you need a watercraft – for example, a kayak. Our company offers you a choice of two types of kayaks: solo WK 540 and tandem WK 640 sport. Estonia is great for kayaking. We have about 7 000 rivers and streams, of which 423 have more than a kilometer in length, 10 of them are more than 100 km long, and of course, there is the Baltic Sea.

If you still think that it is impossible to get a portion of physical activity and relaxation at the same time, then you have never in your life tried to sit in a kayak and felt a smooth glide on the water, left alone with the water element – to balance yourself, your feelings, your thoughts.

We have a new offer

The Neptune Angler is shorter, well-maneuvered and light in weight, ideal for both pleasure and fishing. Of the fisherman’s equipment, this kayak has two stationary rod holders behind the seat and an example of a 360 degree star rod holder. In addition, there is a 360-degree holder and a two-sided attachment point where you can attach different fishing gear with a groove.

Neptune Angler 5 euro / hour, 35 euro/ day